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iDebt is a first. iDebt allows you to take control of your life by legally preventing collection agencies from their continued harassment. If you have been getting calls at home, at work or at family members houses, we are the solution for you. We help you, our clients, STOP the harassing calls from debt collectors, restoring your peace of life.

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Bluemen About us

iDebt was founded by seasoned executives with backgrounds in finance, banking, law and debt collection defense and repair. After years of manually creating cease and desist letters for clients and helping individuals stop continual calls, the website you see before you is the direct result of those efforts. Our desire is to help individuals reclaim the freedom of not having to worry about whether an unlisted or blocked number is another bill collector, reminding them they are behind.

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
The process behind how iDebt works is very straight forward. To get collection calls to stop, you have a few options. You can pay the debt, you can change your phone # and hope they don't find your new one, or you can send a cease and desist letter requesting all collection efforts stop. The latter is where iDebt comes in. We send a simple cease and desist letter that is accepted nationwide to each individual debt collector you are being called from. On one side is the letter, on the other side is the mail to, mail from (your address) and the postage. This assures that we are notified on delivery digitally via the USPS, letting you know that the clock stops then for legal collections. It is a violation of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) for the bill collector to contact you under any circumstance unless the facts of your debt have change. Meaning, unless your balance changes or your debt is sold/transferred, they are unable to continue to call you. Each violation is punishable by a fine and can be collected on by an attorney. Click (here) for more information about that part of our services.
Once you have enrolled with iDebt, we take it from there. There is nothing else for you to do. We handle the entire process with your selected collection agencies, from notification to confirmation. You simply wait for the calls to stop.
You pay a flat rate for each letter mailed, click (here) for pricing. There is a bulk rate if you have more than a selected number of letters to mail.
iDebt is not a law firm. We cannot and we will not give any legal advice, nor do we imply otherwise. Cease and desist letters can be sent by anyone, from anywhere, we just take the work out of having to prepare and mail those letters.
Based on the FDCPA, there is recourse against companies that continue to contact you and violate the tenets of these laws. iDebt will soon offer a lawyer referral service to help you collect on each violation.
iDebt has no control over debt collection agencies. We guarantee that we will follow a specific course of action as determined by the FDCPA and provide you the documentation necessary if you choose to pursue legal action against the violators.
NO hidden fees. All costs are determined up front and no additional fees will be charged.

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